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comperessor oil

comperessor oil


Compressors based on specificity One of the most important things in compressors is the use of proper compressor oil in them. Compressor oil, like other oils, consists of two main parts: base oils and additives, which are the most important general duties of lubricants, cooling, sealing and corrosion prevention and abrasion.
As we know in compressors one of the important factors is its lubrication with proper oil.
And the lubrication operation should be carried out at the right temperature of the oil.
Cooling of compressor parts, which is one of the reasons for lubrication, is not done well. The oil that goes into the compressor for lubrication is raised and the temperature must be cooled again to the appropriate temperature.







Mineral oil K2K

Designation: DIN 51506 VDL

ISO Vsocosity Class: 32/46/68/100/150




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