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Moltipurpose Greases

Moltipurpose Greases


The most common lubricants are made with soap and calcium Lubricants made with calcium-based soap, sodium soap, aluminum or lithium soap or metallic fatty acids that have a significant effect on lubricant soap. All lubricants against water. They are stable with the exception of sodium soap lubricants, with the exception of calcium and aluminum lubricants. All lubricants have significant stability against high temperatures.

Sodium soap grease: Highly resistant but unstable to humidity and water at high temperatures. These greases are fast and stable for fast rotational motion. These lubricants are stable for use in lubrication of ball and roller bearings.

Lithium Soap Lubricants: They have a good combination of high temperature and water resistance properties and are used as multifunctional lubricants for various industrial applications in automotive lubrication are among the best lubricants.

Soap Complex Greases: Greases are formed from simple soap plus salt from a low to medium molecular weight acid. Soap and fiber salts form in the grease structure. It has special properties in lubricants but complex lubricants of calcium or aluminum soap have a high drop-off point compared to plain soap lubricants.

Non-Soap Lubricants: Non-soap lubricants are manufactured by non-soap thickener modified with polyurea, silica gel, bentonite, graphite and dye soils. And it has the desirable properties of lubricants.








Lithium Soap

Multhipurpose Grease

120c / -30c+



Lithium Soap Multipurpose Grease for Rolling and Plain Bearings

Lubricated with a good seal

140c / -20+


Moba MZ EP2 Lithium Soap

Multipurpose Grease with high load carrying capacity

120c / -30+


Walzerit WR2


Multipurpose exterme pressure grease, Dust and Humidity conditions Suitable for

180c / -25+


Walzerit Prse/s

Lithium Soap Lubrication of Rolling and Sliding bearings at high shock loads ans vibrations.

 -30 / +130c



Lubrication of Rolling and Sliding bearing at high shock loads under the influence of moisture -30 / +130c




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