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Cement & Horizon landing conference & Exhibition

Arya Petro Pishro Lubricants first attendance at Cement & Horizon landing conference & Exhibition.


History of Industrial Oils

Before the year, the oils needed to lubricate the wheels of chariots and ... from animal oils such as whale, cow, pig oil and so on.

Vegetable oils were obtained and there was no name as an industrial oil


Tips on Lubricants

Lubricants are substances used to reduce the amount of friction between moving and stationary surfaces, such as oils, greases, etc. In a simple definition, lubrication is a way of preventing friction and abrasion of moving surfaces overlapping one another.


Origin of mineral and synthetic oils and their differences

Perhaps less than two hundred years ago, no one imagined that human life would be tied to this concentrated black matter called oil until 1850, before the development of crude oil distillation, the existence of crude oil veins near wells. Water was considered a problem for the contamination of water wells.


Official membership in the Chamber of Commerce and Industries of Iran and Germany

Official membership in the Chamber of Commerce and Industries of Iran and Germany


Delivery of pre-sold goods in the eighth stage of July 1999

Clearance and departure of part of the orders of dear customers related to German Mollenberg products from Tehran Customs


8th International Exhibition of Mining and Mining Equipment of Kerman 1399

The presence of Aria Petro Pishro Ravankar Company in the 8th International Exhibition of Mining and Related Industries in July 1399, in the ancient historical city of Kerman
Location of Kerman Southeast International Exhibition


Grace and its applications

Grace is a semi-liquid to solid product that is obtained by dispersing the hardening material in the base oil. In most cases, additives are added to create some properties.


Principles of open gear lubrication

The most important task of an open gear lubricant is to prevent metal-to-metal contact and reduce friction. Other important tasks include protecting the teeth against corrosion and abrasion, increasing the dynamic load-bearing capacity of the system, preventing damage such as scratches, cavities, softening of the tooth surface, and increased contact ratio.
To achieve the above, a suitable lubricant must have specific properties such as being free of any solvents, bitumen, heavy metals and chlorine, appropriate behavior at different temperatures, low self-combustion risk, low evaporation loss and easy lubricant disposal. Operate from the surface of the teeth.

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